Home inspections in mountains edge

Las Vegas. Sin City. A place known for its extravagant entertainment and eccentric inhabitants. Las Vegas is also well known for its master planned communities. And we here at Vegas Inspect are master at home inspections in Mountains Edge.

Mountains Edge is a master planned community in southern Las Vegas. We locals call the area the town of Enterprise, with Mountains Edge being its primary feature. Mountains edge is one of the Vegas areas most popular master planned communities ranking as the number 1 top selling master planned community 4 years in a row.

Construction of Mountains Edge began in 2004 making it one of the newer, and more unique communities. Unlike most other master planned communities in the area that focus of lush green landscaping, Mountains Edge embraces the desert. With landscaping designed to need minimal water maintenance. Mountains edge gives you a true Nevada feel. This design allows the community to consume 200 millions gallons of water less than other master planned communities in the area.

That’s not to say Mountains Edge isn’t luxurious! Similar to all other master planned communities, Mountains Edge has hundreds of acres devoted to park and trail system to let your inner explorer run wild. This community is designed for those looking to stay fit and active while living in the desert.

Home Inspections in Mountains Edge

Here at Vegas Inspect, we pride ourselves on our expertise. Not only are we certified master home inspectors, but we’re locals. We live all around the Las Vegas area and know the in’s and out’s of the communities we service. Mountains Edge is a stunning master-planned community unlike any other community in the entire Las Vegas Valley.

Mountains Edge provides its inhabitants with an upscale feeling community with a large amount of space and parks for you to roam. Mountains Edge offers you and your family a unique change of pace while still living right next to the city. Almost all of Mountains Edge is new construction with community opening its gates to its first residents back in 2005. Since then, it has only grown.

If you’re thinking of moving to Mountains Edge, be sure to remember Vegas Inspect for your home inspection needs! Get to know us, and then we’ll get to know you. Moving is already scary enough. There’s no need to be afraid of the home you are buying. Put the worry off and onto us. We’re here for your Mountains Edge home inspection.

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