home inspections in boulder city

Boulder City is different than almost every other city in Nevada for many reasons. With historic roots, and a small population, Boulder City is a city for all. Well, for all looking to get away from Las Vegas! If your ready to move, let’s talk a bit about this town and home inspections in Boulder City.

Most people know Boulder City not by its name, but by the nickname ‘Home of the Hoover Dam’. In fact, Boulder City was originally constructed and founded as a means to supply housing and amenities to the workers building the damn back in the early 1930’s. Over 1,000 mean worked on the construction of the damn, and 5,000 people lived in boulder city. The cities layout and construction was designed and overseen by the federal government, an extremely rare event.

The construction of the damn concluded 2 years ahead of schedule in 1936. Because of the federal government’s oversight of the city, alcohol and gambling were strictly prohibited in the city. The alcohol ban was lifted back in 1969, but the gambling ban remains intact. Boulder city is one of two cities in the state of Nevada where gambling is illegal.

Boulder City is now a popular retirement community and young family town that offers affordable housing and a high quality of life.

Home Inspections in Boulder City

Here at Vegas Inspect, we pride ourselves on our expertise. Not only are we certified master home inspectors, but we’re locals. We live and are located all around Nevada. We know the in’s and out’s of the communities we service. Boulder City is a community suited for those looking to relish in a culturally rich, yet affordable location.

Boulder City provides its population with and laid back feeling community with a large amount of space for you to roam. Boulder City offers you and your family a calm lifestyle and low population density when compared to other southern Nevada cities. Almost all of Boulder City is older construction, which makes getting a home inspection all the more important.

If you’re thinking of moving to Boulder City, be sure to remember Vegas Inspect for your home inspection needs! Get to know us, and then we’ll get to know you. Moving is already scary enough. There’s no need to be afraid of the home you are buying. Put the worry off and onto us. We’re here for your Boulder City home inspection.

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